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  • This Tiara is guaranteed to turn heads. It is a beautiful statement piece which is very popular with our Brides. It is also a beautiful keep-sake for your memory box after the wedding. Not just limited for Brides, this tiara has also been worn for Formal Debs and other special occasions.   Tiara Height: 6 cm Tiara Length: 32 cm curved Colour: Silver Material: Rhinestones, Simulated Pearl, Zinc Alloy
  • Set of 2 Bendable Pearl Hair Pins with flower centre. Pin length is 7.5 cm ling and overall width when pearls are spread out is 13 cm. The pearl arms are bendable to any shape as they are on wire.  
  • Bridal Hair Comb is 5 cm wide and the length of the accessory is 12 cm long and 7 cm in height. Silver comb with fake crystal and pearl pieces. This comb is a very sturdy hair accessory for all hair types as the comb sits nicely into the hair. Can also be worn on top or under a veil.
  • These silver clips with dark backings are all sold individually. Clasp at back that opens up and clips into hair. Perfect for all hair types.
  • Individual Tiny Flower Hair Pins 6.5 cm long in length and 1.5 cm flower Centre of flower is fake pearl with fake diamond petals. These pins are sold individually and can be used in any hairstyle
  • Length of pin = 6.5 cm Fake Diamond is 0.5 cm round Very sparkly and sold individually
  • Cluster Pearl Hair Pins are 7 cm in height and the pearl cluster is 1.5 cm round. Fake pearls with diamond sparkles in between. These pins can be spread out throughout a hairstyle or grouped together to look like a larger hair accessory. Pins sold individually.
  • Hair Vine – Bendable

    50 cm in length and bendable into any shape this popular Hair Vine consists of a mix of fake pearls, see-through crystals and sparkly diamonds. Silver in colour and made with a thin wire base - this hair accessory can easily be placed and pinned into any hairstyle.

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