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What makes our Team Unique?

Most of us dream of our wedding day for years before it actually arrives.

As a bride, you’ll be keen to find the right team to help bring to life the sparkling version of yourself you’ve been imagining.

All eyes will be on you and whether that thought makes you anxious or excited, you’ll just want to feel your absolute best.

Not only do we do weddings every weekend, but we each also have a love and passion for what we do and it shows in our past bride’s reviews and in our work.


Knowing how to set and work with each hair type and allowing it to cool properly and pin correctly is what makes a difference between a hairstyle lasting all evening for your wedding compared to a hairstyle not set correctly and only lasting until you walk out the door.

Unfortunately, not all hairstylists know this trick as it is not taught at hair schools, which makes us an expert in our field.

Need some hair accessories to make you really feel like a true bride? Check out our online range here. 

Did you cut your hair short just before the big proposal? Don’t stress… check out our Instyle Hair Extensions clip in range here.



When your face is correctly primed, prepped, and set well, it ensures your makeup will last for many hours with the help of a touch-up lipstick.

Our makeup artists use only professional products to avoid flashbacks from the photographer. They also know how to enhance your best features so you still look like you on your big day- just a better version!

2019 Most Popular Bridal Looks

Gone are the days where hair is plastered with hairspray and every strand is tightly secured into a neat hair updo. Our Brides are now asking for loose, textured, and messy hair updo’s to represent a modern, relaxed Bridal look.

Braids will never go out of fashion as they are still a favourite request, especially amongst bridesmaids.

Makeup no longer resembles the heavy Instagram look with the caked-on contouring.

Makeup is now all about soft and flawless glowing skin with natural-toned smokey eyes.

Lashes will be a favourite for many years to come because it makes your eyes ‘pop’ in the camera.


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