Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events. Yours is surely the most photographed day of your life. Hence, it is crucial to feel and look your best on such a special day. Not for the reason that you need it, but because you also deserve it. 

Most brides give priority to the attention-grabbing wedding dress, veil, and shoes for these elements make them stand out among the bridal party and the guests. Hence, it is no wonder that there is a big chance that hair and makeup are low on the lists. This is true for a lot of soon-to-be-married women who prefer to do it themselves. Hair and makeup seem like minor details that can wait on the day itself, but in reality, it is as equally important as your wedding attire.

There is nothing wrong with doing one’s makeup on one’s wedding day. But with a packed schedule, you might want to consider hiring hair and makeup artists. These professionals will make sure you feel and look confident, beautiful, and flawless, preparing you to make lasting memories to be photographed during the event.

At Instyle Hair for Brides, it is important to us that every soon-to-be-wife has an overall wedding look that shines their personality and that pleases them. Hence, we made a list of the reasons why bridal beauty should be high on your list. This will help you understand why hiring professionals to complement your wedding outfit is one of the best decisions you can make on that particular day.

bridal hair and makeup

A Makeup Artist Can Highlight Your Natural Beauty

A professional makeup artist knows the right techniques needed to bring out your best features. Contouring and highlighting in the wrong places can make the wrong things prominent. Plus, he or she will make sure that the colour of your eyeshadow, powder, and lipstick is synchronized with the overall wedding outfit as well as with the theme’s colour.

A Hairstylist will Make the Most of Your Hair Type

Hairstyles are tricky, right? Whether your hair is thick, thin, short, long, coloured or not, you have nothing to worry about! A hairstylist knows the best way to make it on your wedding day. With years of experience with a myriad of face shapes and hair types, allow them to surprise you with a style that you did not know will look good on you!

Hairstylists and Makeup Artists Have Keen Eyes

Professional hairstylist and makeup artists know how hair and makeup look like through a camera’s lens. They are capable of doing a job that looks impressive in photographs. Rest assured that your hair and makeup will look their best at any angle, whether it is through a watcher’s eyes or a camera lens. 

Hairstylists and Makeup Artists Cover the Day

Not only do hair and makeup professionals know how to use the right products and tools. Aside from making the most of hair and beauty techniques to help accentuate your hair and beautiful face, they also do the job for these to last all day. 

Ask yourself, how many times do you usually do a retouch on a typical workday or a night out? With a professional hair and makeup artist using lasting hair and makeup products by your side, you will look your best from the moment you leave your room to when you make a grand exit on that night!

You will Have First Dibs on What is “In” these Days

Hair and makeup trends are changing fast every year. If you want to keep up with the latest hair and makeup styles, lucky you! As professionals in their industry, hairstylists and makeup artists are updated with the latest trends. They will give you the option of choosing a trend without forgetting to emphasize your unique look. With more than enough training, they will execute this easily.

You Will Have One Less Worry on Your Plate

Having a good hair and makeup team beside you will help alleviate a lot of pressure on a highly stressful day. Not only do they bring the products and skills with them, but they are masters of making sure things run smoothly for they maintain a schedule and arrive on time. A glam team will definitely make you and your family and friends feel at ease and comfortable to be getting read. Rest assured that all of you will arrive on time (or earlier) for the wedding carpet. 

What are you waiting for? Set up a potential hairstylist and makeup artist who will manifest your vision! Our team at Instyle Hair for Brides makes sure brides get the best look that flatters and complements their wedding attire and the event’s motif. With us, you will be guided in the direction of an ace wedding look that will bring your partner and guests in awe.