Most of us overestimate the power of makeup. We often think that applying one’s foundation and putting on eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, and lipstick are all that is needed to do the magic. Some tend to miss that to shine a perfect look, we need to properly take care of our skin. Why? Because piling makeup straight on your face while skipping a skincare routine can be bad news. This may result in uneven and patchy applications that can wear off sooner than you expected.  

Yes, a prerequisite to beautiful makeup is fresh, glowing, and healthy skin. The better one’s skin looks, the better the makeup application will turn out. Hence, take care of your bare skin to ensure that makeup is even and settles.

Here at Instyle Hair for Brides, we are passionate about the art of glam. For us, it is a must to give our clients the look that fits them best. However, that is achievable only with teamwork. That is why we put up this pre-makeup application guide, which, fortunately, is easy to follow for everyone. This will definitely serve you well whether you are prepping up for a special occasion or an everyday look!


To remove oil, dirt, and impurities on your face, wash it with lukewarm water. Then, massage it with a dime-sized amount of a soft and gentle cleanser. Do this in between 30 to 45 seconds before rinsing thoroughly using lukewarm water. This step helps smoothen your face and even out your skin tone.

For cleansing to be successful, use a product that suits your skin’s type and pH level. If you have dry skin, look for a cleansing cream that also acts as a moisturizer. For gals with oily skin, a gel or foam cleanser will serve well for these types can get rid of impurities without irritating the face. Those with dry and oily skin, on the other hand, can go for products that specifically address these issues with balance. For beauties with sensitive skin, it is recommended to use cleansers made of products that are mainly derived from plant oils. 

Additionally, avoid products that contain glycolic acid, which may cause skin redness and irritation. Lastly, those who have acne-prone skin are encouraged to choose cleansers that contain tea tree oil, salicylic acid, and benzoyl peroxide, which aid in preventing pimples and acne. 

Bonus: You can also apply micellar water, which is good for all skin types! To use this, saturate a cotton pad with the liquid then wipe it across your face until all areas are clean. 


Exfoliate your skin once or twice per week to avoid the build-up of dead skin cells on your face. Not only does this uncover new, smooth skin, but it also prevents makeup applied from appearing cakey. To take this step, use a cloth, instead of your fingertips, when cleansing to gently massage the cleanser on your skin using circular motions. On the other hand, you can also use commercial or homemade scrubs. Do not forget to exfoliate your neck, too. As for the lips, use a scrub specifically designed for the area to remove dead skin cells from building up on the surface around your lips. 

If you will use an exfoliating scrub, choose one that has tiny, circular granules. Also, make sure that it is free from harsh ingredients such as sulphates and parabens for these ingredients may cause irritation on the skin. 

Apply Some Toner or Serum

The purpose of this step is to remove leftover dead skin cells or other unnecessary particles that were missed when cleansing or exfoliating. Also, it prepares the skin to absorb the moisturizer. 

Toner is best for oily skin while hydrating serum benefits those with dry skin. In choosing the former, avoid ones with alcohol as the main ingredient as these usually cause dryness. As for serum, make sure it is made of Vitamin C, sodium hyaluronate, and herbs that smoothens, moisturize, and hydrate the skin, respectively.

For this step, apply the product by squeezing an amount onto a cotton pad or ball and gently tap it all over your face then dry. The difference between applying toner to a cleanser is that the latter is to simply wet the face and not to scrub.  

Moisturize or Hydrate Your Skin

Moisturizing your skin prevents the makeup base from being oily. Hence, this is a step that should not be skipped. To apply, press, not rub, the moisturizer on to your skin for maximum absorption. Also, make sure to apply it on your entire face, and neck, evenly. 

To choose the best moisturizer for your skin, get one that suits your skin types and that offers all-day hydration. Women with acne- or breakout-prone skins are encouraged to select oil-free and non-comedogenic moisturizers. For those with dry skin, cream products that can be used during the day are recommended for this helps the skin appear fresh and dewy. Ideally, one must have two moisturizers, a lighter one for the day and a heavier one for the night. Make sure that the former has at least SPF 15 to protect your precious skin from the harmful effects of sunlight. 

For the eye area, apply a thin layer of eye cream before moisturizing. This will even the skin tone around the eyes. 

Do Not Forget Your Primer

The primer acts as the mediator that prevents the moisturizer and the skin’s oil balance from mixing with your makeup. Also, this sets the durability and longevity of the application as this helps prevent creases from forming along the lines of the skin. Hence, resulting in an even and smoother makeup application. The best primers have silicone as the main ingredient for this element is effective for that purpose. 

To use the primer, simply dab the product all over your face or only on troubled spots that need it. This can also stay as a substitute for a foundation if you do not want to wear one.

Bonus tip: those suffering from skin redness and acne will benefit from using a light green primer for this adds contrast to the redness. 

Remember, cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisture, and prime. These steps may seem routinary, but these are highly crucial foundations for applying makeup, which you have endless options to decide on! Now that you know the prerequisites, it is time to get makeup inspiration for everyday use or set up an appointment with your trusted artist for your next big event. Pair it up with hairstyling for a sure best look. At Instyle Hair for Brides, you can trust us to perfect hairstyling and makeup service that suit you. Not only that it would last all day, but will also look impeccable at any angle in person or in photographs.