A bride knows that hair is just as important as makeup and the gown itself. After countless hours and trials of trying to find the perfect hairdo, some bride’s just give up and leave it all to the stylist. Most of that is due to the length of one’s hair.

A lot of Pinterest pictures show photos of brides with long flowy hair. Some dresses even have specific hairstyles to compliment them. YouTube is no exception. While some brides opt to do their own hair, tutorials would require a specific length thus making the bride lose a bit of hope.

No matter how complicated one hairdo is, all it takes is a little practice. At Instyle Hair for Brides, the professionals will take those complications away. 

Hair extensions are not necessary however they can add body and enhance them. They come in a variety of forms such as Tapes, Clip-Ins, Halo’s, Ponytails and Hair Scrunchies. Each of them serves its own purpose and can help stylists in creating the bride’s desired hairdo. Because of how the extensions come in different lengths and colours, they are one of the most versatile tools a bride and hairstylist can ever need.



One of the common types of hair extensions. Tapes can come in various shades and lengths. Because of how lightweight they are, brides will be ensured comfort on their head throughout the whole ceremony. Due to how slim each weft is, tapes will never fail to seamlessly blend in with the bride’s natural hair if worn down.

If one has thin hair, tape-ins will be the perfect go-to hair extension. Once the wedding is over, brides will have the advantage of being able to keep their tape-ins for up to 6 weeks.


Clip Ins

These hair extensions can be seen almost everywhere in photoshoots. Among the different types, clip ins are the fastest and easiest to apply. Professional help can be skipped for this one too! If one isn’t ready for full on hair extension commitment, clip ins can be a great way to start the journey.

Brides can rely on clip ins if they would prefer hairdos that require lengthy extensions. The worry about them slipping is also non-existent because of how secure the clips are to one’s hair. Clip ins can even be styled before application. This can save a lot of time for the bride and stylist.

Clip ins are best for any bridal hairstyle.



Compared to Clip Ins, halos are a much larger piece of hair extension. Instead of having different pieces, halo extensions consist of one large weft that would sit comfortably on the bride’s crown. They have a much quicker application as well.

Halos are perfect for brides wanting to let their hair flow loosely. Still keeping the natural look, halo’s can also grant brides length and volume to their hair. If the bride has naturally curly hair, the help of a stylist can make things much easier. 

Do keep in mind that halo’s are difficult to style if one wants an updo. They are good for hair styles down.



Bridal ponytails are a necessity to try. Whether it be a high or low ponytail, the bride will never cease to look dainty and well kept. Hair accessories such as pins and flowers are perfect for it too. If one’s hair length is lacking, ponytail extensions can help solve the problem easily for a modern bridal look.

Ponytail extensions can instantly add volume and length to the bride’s own. It’s instant application makes it a stylists favorite as well. Choosing this hairstyle can also give the bride’s jewelry their time to shine. Statement earrings or even the veil itself, ponytails will leave the bride looking chic and elegant.


Hair Scrunchies

Bridal hair scrunchies made of synthetic hair can be the best alternative for buns if you have short and fine hair and you need added volume. Hair extension scrunchies are attached to your own ponytail in seconds however you may need a professional stylist to make it look more bridal by styling your own hair around it.

This ready to wear bun in the form of a hair scrunchie is perfect for brides who would want to don a messy looking bun all while keeping their natural hair tucked into place. Pair it with a veil and the bride would be good to go.

Having all that been said, choosing hair extensions can be a bit overwhelming for the bride. Taking the time to go over it with one’s stylist can be a tremendous help in picking the right one. Instyle Hair for Brides will have your back in providing the extensions and other services brides could need.

At the end of the day, no matter what hair extensions brides choose, they will still look beautiful.