From makeup to dress trends, brides will always be on the lookout. After all, they would want to look beautiful on their wedding day. With the growth of Pinterest and YouTube, a vast majority of brides have begun to explore the different ways to style their hair as well.

While some hairstyles can be done alone, hiring hairstylists would be ideal when it comes to big events. It saves a lot of time and effort for everyone. It will become overwhelming once brides begin to create Pinterest boards for their perfect wedding hair, though. Saving the bride such hassle, Instyle Hair for Brides have compiled a list of the best wedding hairstyles for 2022.


Ponytail Hairstyle

Low Loose Buns

This hairstyle has been a staple for brides. With such a casual looking hairdo, its little to no maintenance makes this a favourite for brides. The stylist will have no trouble putting one’s hair in place. Being one of the safest go-to wedding hairstyles, low loose buns are the more casual approach to the intricate updos. 

Compared to letting one’s hair flow freely, low loose buns can be very versatile. Bridal pins and hair jewellery can be used to decorate the hair. With its placement on one’s head, intricate details to the dress’ back will still have their time to shine. 

Going for this timeless look will never fail to make one look beautiful in pictures. If your wedding revolves around garden or vintage or even bohemian, low loose buns will succeed in tying the bridal look.

Boho Waves

One of the quickest hairdos a bride can choose. Its casualness makes the bride look dainty and feminine at the same time. Because one’s hair is down, most bride’s go for bridal headbands or flower crowns to complement the look. Some even add ribbons to their braids or small flowers to add a bit of dazzle to the curls.

Boho waves are usually the best to wear if one’s theme is bohemian. With how carefree each curl and fringe is, the hairdo is the perfect statement piece a bride can wear. However, if the wedding dress has an intricate lace pattern or design at the back, boho waves would be the least recommended style. 

Vintage Waves

An iconic look that has recently taken the spotlight at weddings are the “Vintage Waves” or “Hollywood Waves”. Blake Lively and Scarlett Johanson are only a few women who have worn this statement hairstyle to red carpet events. Bringing that amount of glamour to a wedding will be a big surprise to the guests and will surely be in awe at the hairdo decision.

Brides donning vintage waves will look flawlessly feminine. With curls going in one direction, vintage waves are the timeless look that one can achieve for their wedding. 

Loose Hair Updo

Another staple to the bridal hair trend. Despite it being a crowd favourite, a loose hair updo will never fail to bring out the inner beauty of the bride. The way its messy appearance makes one look polished will always be a bride pleaser. Even with baby hairs, it only adds softness to the bride’s overall look.

Because of the hair’s design being an updo, this is the perfect choice for brides with eye-catching back details to their gowns. Backless or lacey patterns, having the updo will grant guests the time to appreciate the dress. Not only that, donning this classic yet simple hairdo will give the illusion of a slimmer face as well.

Half Up Half Down

A timeless piece that looks great on all brides. This hairstyle shows off the bride’s features. This hairdo will give the bride a soft and feminine look. Adding to the fact that this design takes minimal effort to create, brides can be reassured that an extra amount of time will be given to guarantee makeup and the dress will be perfect too.

The most common combination for the half up half down style is to have one’s upper half gathered into a bun to add more volume to the crown. The rest of the hair will naturally cascade and rest on the bride’s shoulders. Complete the look with flowers or a braid and that will surely make guests compliment your hair.

Ballerina Buns

There is no denying that at some point in the bride’s life, they wanted to become a ballerina. Brides opting to style their hair into ballerina buns never fail to look dainty. With minimal hair accessories, this hairdo is one of the most versatile styles a bride can wear.

Whether the gown is an off-shoulder or has a lacey, back, ballerina buns will compliment the design. Brides will also worry less due to how low maintenance the bun is.

With the wide array of choices brides can choose from, Instyle Hair for Brides will be more than happy to help. After all, bringing out one’s inner beauty is our goal.